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Security Alarms

One of the more unfortunate trends in today's modern world is the rate in crime, a fact that is all too graphically illustrated every day in our newspapers and on our televisions. There have never been so many attractive targets for the burglar. TVs, DVDs and PCs are the obvious modern examples along with the more traditional items such as Antiques, Silver, Jewellery and Cash. As a result more and more of us are having to consider ways of protecting ourselves and our homes.

Who needs an Intruder Alarm System?

Anyone and everyone who owns goods or property is attractive to a thief. No-one is immune from the possibility of being burgled so it is up to you to reduce your chances of becoming another unfortunate statistic.

AMC Fire and Security Alarms are an SSAIB certified company. For most installations requiring an alarm system for insurance purposes, the insurer will insist that a third party Certificated provider (e.g. SSAIB certificated) is contracted. AMC have extensive experience in designing, installing and servicing Intruder Alarm systems to comply with SSAIB standards. Our Intruder Alarm Systems cover a wide range of applications from residential to retail, industrial and commercial. Our design team will provide expert advice to ensure your system will comply with PD 6662:2004 and the latest European Standards as well as working within your individual requirements and budget.

Audible - Bells only A security system consisting of various detection equipment. A code or proximity token operated control unit which, when activated, operate a siren internally and externally combined with an external flashing strobe light.

Audible with Speech Dialler

A security system consisting of various detection equipment with the addition of a speech dialler which can contact up to 3 different telephone numbers. A pre-recorded message gives details of address of the property and the type of activation, e.g. intrusion, fire or personal attack.

Digital Communicator

A security System consisting of various detection equipment with the addition of being connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre via telephone line. Monitored 24 hours a day. On receiving a signal the Centre immediately contacts the key-holder and Police.

Dual Com

A security system consisting of various detection equipment with the addition of being connected to a Dual Com GPRS signalling device that uses both the Vodaphone network and your telephone and/or IP path to transmit Intruder signals at high speed.

BT RedCare

Same as digital communicator, but if the telephone line is cut the Alarm Centre is still alerted and the police and key-holders are informed AMC offer a complete maintenance programme from our fully trained engineers, with a 24 hour call out service operating 365 days a year.


AMC Fire and Security offer a full maintenance package to comply with the requirements of PD 6662:2004. and SSAIB standards, including 24hour call out and monitoring service.

AMC offer intruder alarm systems incorporating all the latest detection devices, listed below are key components that combine to form a complete working system.

Having your system linked to a 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre via your telephone line gives you peace of mind.